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The Staff Assistance Fund for Emergencies (S.A.F.E.) helps co-workers in need.

Supporting each other with respect and compassion.

At ECS, our employees look out for each other and provide support for co-workers facing financial difficulties. We do this through the Staff Assistance Fund for Emergencies (S.A.F.E.). Assistance is available for things like medical emergencies and funeral expenses; to support family during disability or situations of domestic violence; and to forestall eviction, foreclosure or suspension of utilities.

S.A.F.E. is funded almost entirely through employee contributions, including payroll deductions, cash, and donations of paid time off. S.A.F.E. provides up to $1,000 in assistance—which need not be repaid. Over the past eight years, more than 100 employees have received assistance. Our employees contribute approximately $20,000 annually to sustain S.A.F.E.

Our employees’ empathy and altruism are truly inspiring. We are fortunate to have so many giving individuals among our staff and throughout our communities.

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